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Thursday, February 17th, 2011

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Wonder Woman Redesign

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

So I was procrastinating, and thinking about Wonder Woman, like you do when you’re a heterosexual male comic book fan, and how her costume is kind of the worst.  Some costumes are unimpeachable; right the first time — Spider-Man, The Flash, Magneto.  But others are definitely open to new tweaks or complete redesigns.

My friend Sam Roberts described Wonder Woman’s look as “a booth babe at a monster truck rally,” and “like the kind of girl who shows up to go hiking wearing high heels, and we’re all like, ‘Come on, you’ve been outside before, this is ridiculous.'”  The star-spangled paraphernalia just doesn’t make a lot of sense and the whole outfit makes her difficult to take seriously.

What I wanted to hit in a redesign were a few things: (1) Punch up the Greek Warrior aspects, a la 300 and Xena, (2) Make her look like she could kick some ass, like a female Muay Thai boxer, but (3) not lose the iconic-ness of her costume.

On note (3), I wanted to make sure it looked timeless, like Coipel’s great Thor redesign, and not like Superman Red/Blue.

So this was my first pass:

And then all my friends asked me if she was hiding a giant penis underneath her loincloth-tabard thing.  I finalized the design with this:

She looks like she could punch someone and have it hurt.  I like the studs instead of the stars, and the strip-skirt, gladiator-style.  She’s got straps so her boobs don’t pop out, and slightly more functional footwear.  I gave her more of a helmet-type thing with her tiara, with cheek guards for more protection.