Here is a nice bio written by a ten-year-old girl at the summer camp I worked at:

Imagine a world of comics and lots of things created from thought.  Well, that’s how Sam Tung sees it, the comic guy, Explo’s hero.  Is it not interesting to imagine being able to see something one minute and have it show up on a piece of paper the next?  That is how Sam Tung is.  But Sam Tung does not have to imagine.  He can just do it on a piece of paper.

After Sam Tung studied comics in his college, he went to Los Angeles to find a job for comics so his work could be seen by many people.  In his eyes, comics seem to be moving across the paper filled with ink of many colors.  Sam brings lots of his great designs to Explo’s campus when needed.  He also performed at the staff talent show as Explo’s own amazing hero artist.  There are many interesting facts about Sam, so if you would like to know more, just ask him!

Here is a bio I wrote:

My name is Sam Tung and I am a writer and artist working in some combination of animation, comics, illustration and visual effects at any given moment.  I currently live in Los Angeles, California and attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

This website features my writing, art, and completed projects.  Please have a look at my portfolio and resume at http://samtung.carbonmade.com.  If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so at:

samuel.m.tung (at) gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!